Thursday, August 6, 2009

LONG SILENCE...for a good reason (err...hopefully)

Le Silence, painted plaster sculpture by Augus...

It has been a month since I last updated my entry.

No,no...I am not sick but hmm...lost the mood and working on something more serious.

I still have a lot of things to share but the momentum still not strong enough to get me going in the month of July.

In the mean time, I decided to have my own domain name and write something that I know more without getting to do so much research because that is my area.And hopefully I can get something good out of it.

Do have a look and give input and comments.Will try my best to provide the best contents.

By the way, the header of the theme was done by my cyber friend who is very talented yet very accommodating.
Her charge is very-very reasonable and she works quite fast too.

Do contact her at

In the mean time, please pray for me that this will be an ongoing I can maintain consistency.
And I will try to update this personal blog time and again.

Thank you for your support all this time.


6 August 2009

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harsa said...

good for you.. leh la tulis anything you like on your own domain tu..

Ummuzulfa said...

TQ harsa...

Take care

Mysunshine Gift Shop said...

salam tuan rumah,

I'm doing 'Say it with cupcakes' - charity drive. I work together with my sahabat in TM, Jules, eksekutif suri (serunding) & ummikusayang

Part if our sale goes to the orphanage home. you can see the list in my blog. or

if sudi pls share this with all your friends & relative.

appreciate your help


Ummuzulfa said...


A great effort.

Insya allah will spread the words.

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