Monday, August 10, 2009


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So I decided to take one step ahead after getting this inspirational visit.

I bought a DSLR - an entry level with basic kit lens, and registered myself for a basic photography workshop.

I just want to know how much should I know before getting to be a better photographer.

After two days and one night getting to know all the technical stuffs and terminology, I manage to capture few good shot (at least for my level).

This is the photo to know about aperture and how to sharpen and blur certain objects at different length.

This one was on how to use long exposure mode to capture the "soft running water" . It was taken at a nearby river.I did not bring my tripod but the other students kind-heartedly let me used his.

This one was at the resort where the course took place. Practiced taking photo at low light condition without flash using a tripod, but I just use my hand hence it was not straight and a bit blur due to shakiness of my hand.

This was suppose to be a photo at sunset, capturing the landscape of KL at the top of one hill.
This was the last shot before we decided to finish off our session and I think this was just purely due to luck.

Of course, I did captured loads of photos but well...some were good but many were still need practices.

Did I become a pro photographer now after that course?

Of course not...this photography thingy and and capturing meaningful and beautiful photos need a LOT of practice and patience and experimenting...

I am yet to be blessed with those precious time and 'partner in crime' to do a lot of experiment.

OK, OK.... I know it is an expensive hobby....but if you are good at it you can generate enough money at least to cover for the basic cost by contribute your photos into microstock and get paid for them.

I am also not up to that stage yet.

With the current technology, one can be a good photographer without going to expensive courses .Just have to hard-working enough to browse all those free websites and youtube videos and a LOT of self-practice, you are only a step away to be at least a good and knowledgeable photographer.

So, you might ask, where am I now?

He..he... I am very slow....seldom practice and always get distracted with a lot of other things.
I guess I will go at my own pace.

I have to juggle between working office hours, full time mother to 5 children,blogging,in the process of self-learn Arabic languange via bahasa arab mudah book, in the middle of learning swimming etc...

I have my own dream (hope to be a reality soon, no matter how late it will be) - to convey the message of how beautiful Islam is and the concept of brotherhood in Islam via camera lenses from a female photographer point of view.

Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umayyad Mosqu...Image via Wikipedia

Sound impossible yea?

Just pray for me and I welcome if any other female photographer out there to make it a reality first and I will follow suit.

All I can say is 'pictures speak louder than words"


10 August 2009

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mye said...

a few years ago masa pergi umrah ada juga curik2 bawak masuk camera dlm masjid nabawi, & berjaya capture dlm kawasan raudhah etc! rasa berharga sgt gambar2 tu, tapi disebabkan zaman dah digital, asyik tangguh je nak pergi print, last2 bila komputer kaput, gambar2 tu pun hilang sama *sedih*

Ummuzulfa said...

TQ mye for stopping by and sharing your story.

memang gambar-gambar masjid can give us a sense of serenity.

tapi jangan lupa simpan and printlah kan :D

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