Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SWINE FLU - does it really comes from a pig?

ZOMG!!! SWINE FLU!!!!Image by Amanda-Ruth via Flickr

Apparently it's not, only the genetic of the virus has the combination of avian, swine and human...that's what I heard.

And do you what is the mode of transmission?

It is by air and droplets from infected human and it has been reported few pigs have contracted this disease from human.

So what can we do to contain this disease? and how can we preventing this flu from speading to other people? How do we protect our loves ones.

My friend gave me the link from singapore's ministry of health websites which contain good and informative cartoons on what we should do when we have flu.

The take home message is WEAR YOUR MASK WHEN YOU HAVE FLU.

Hopefully this will of any help to you and please spread the words.

And for Muslims, don't forget to recite dua for only Allah who can totally Protects all of us.



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