Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Life has been busy lately,both at work and home but I don't have the heart to see my blog so outdated so it's just sharing session this time.

Wafa has been crying lately whenever she wants to sleep and every night I have to 'sling' her to sleep.Babywearing makes my tasks a lot easier.

At work, we got more 'work' from our neighbour , a win-win situation.We got to polish up our skills and they can clear up their trays much faster.

Weekend was family time, trying to entertain them according to our children's need.

Last Saturday was a long and tired day for all of us.

Early morning, rushed to our daughters' school for sports day, held at a nearby stadium (near to their school but not our home).
I guess kakak and Nurul were enjoying themselves, meeting their friends (again and again),teachers, participating in marching events (with very cheerful cheers from all the sport houses).

But,above all, I really respect their teachers for their hard work especially for those who involved in preparing all the events.They were sweating, busy carrying all the props and giving instruction to the kids.

May Allah grant them rahmah.

And I, busy carrying Wafa in my ring sling.She slept most of the time and I got both of my hands free for doing things such as reading the brochures, fanning Wafa and eating.

Babywearing is just great.

We had to escape early as my hubby was rushing to attend the special gathering in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
But we never forgot our lunch, so Mahbub Nasi Briyani in Bangsar was our next stop.

We digged in quite fast as we were hungry but knowing our children with their small appetite, one plate was more than enough for 3 of them.

Of course I can eat while holding Wafa.Wafa never woke up while we were there.

While my hubby went to Masjid Negara to join others, the rest of us were just 'lepaking' at the mosque next to Bangsar Village shopping complex.

We got some time to recharge ourselves.
But my kids were ever feeling fresh after took their short bath at the mosque and I did the same and tried to take a short nap but failed as Zulfa kept me awake all the way.

I managed to take few shots of hubby with kids.

My hubby is always the "last Malay man" (jejaka Melayu terakhir) for all of us :D

Then, airport was our next stop.

Most of my siblings were there, to say goodbye to my mom and my other sister who went to visit my other sister in India( there are 5 girls in my family....and 3 boys) .

This time around, my hubby voluntarily wearing Wafa in a Mei Tai.
Not bad for a first timer, I would say.
And Wafa just fall asleep in no time.
She likes being snuggled, as always

Inspired by it , my brother also wanted to try his Mei Tai (borrowed from yours truly) and not bad also even though Wardah cried and seemed perplexed being carried that way.
She just have to be worn more frequently and I'm quite sure she will like it up there , right at her daddy's heart.

A very long Saturday but very fulfilling.

Being close and spending time with your family is part of Allah's compassion.

Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah for giving us this opportunity to be there along the way.


11 March 2009

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