Thursday, June 4, 2009

SMALL KINDNESS ...(that we almost always forgot)

"Thank you kakak, you prayed on time"

"Thank you abang for helping me with the laundry"

"sorry adik I was late"

"OK children,never throw anything out of the car's window ya"

"Please close the door, you don't want the aircond to be wasted,do you?"

"I think you should park properly, my friend, you are blocking other people's way"

"Please aunty, do take my seat, you need it more than I"

"Thank you, I do not need the the plastic bag, I bring my own bag to put the groceries "

Mom, I love you"

Adik, don't forget to flush the toilet yea, eventhough you are using public toilet"

"Uncle, I don' think this open burning is a good thing to do, I guess it will cause global warming"

"Thank you bibik , for ironing my clothes"

"Honey, I have to go for outstation, please take care of yourself and the kids, you will always be in my prayer"

"manja, what a good girl you are, you throwed the candy's cover in the dustbin, that's my girl"

Care to share your small kindness?


6 Jun 2009

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