Sunday, June 7, 2009

ASK BROTHER SHAH - frequently asked indeed

"How would you explain the terms 'ISLAM, MUSLIM AND KAFIR"?

TUDUNG - oppressive or Liberating"?

Why did Islam introduce POLYGAMY?"

Do that questions sound familiar?

Of course that are the frequently asked questions by non-Muslim who hardly know Islam by it original sources.

This book was a compilation of the Q and A column of the Criteria by Brother Shah Kirit bin Kakulal Govindji, a Muslim revert who is also a backbone at the Islamic Information & Services Foundation (IIS), closely related to Saba Islamic Media.

The Criteria which was a weekly Muslim view newspaper, once circulated to the community, now is no more in production, due to financial constraint.

Brother Shah, being a revert himself is a correct person to address all the 'in thing questions" by the non- Muslim or newly revert Muslim.

His answers albeit simple and logical, contains the main explanation that can initiate thinking yet still within the context of Quran and hadis.

The first few chapters mainly concentrated on the aqidah and tawheed questions, revolving around the difference of Muslim, kafir, the concept and the justice of god.

The famous questions of course were about women , polygamy and polyandry.
Such a delicate issues were answered with most logical and sensible examples.

Overall, this simple Q and A book is very concise and a good starter book for anyone who want to know more about Islam.

I would say it will be a perfect gift for
our non-Muslim family and friends.

Check it out....


7 Jun 2009

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