Sunday, May 10, 2009


My mother
No words can ever describe
The loads of love you have prescribe
Without token without bribe
You always there by my side

My mother
Not one gift can ever replace
The shower of loves you put in place
Your life is never a carpet of lace
But you never give me any less

My mother
You always there when I need you the most
You give your best at all cost
Holding me along the way ,not to get lost

My mother
You always by my side without fail
The food on the table is never stale
The dress you make is never pale
Your words of wisdom penetrate every cell

My mother
I won't be like what I am today
Without you showing me the way
Your prayer will save me on The Judgment Day
May Allah grants you His Blessing and Care

Thank you Allah for giving me a mother
The one and only, like no other
My heaven is under her feet, that is for sure
May Allah Blesses her now and hereafter.


10 May 2009

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