Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay...I think now it's time for me to write something that I liked the most....(well, among other things)

I used lampin during confinement for the first 3 of my daughters then converted to disposable diapers (naturally) after that until they started to potty train.

For Zulfa, I started with dispo during confinement ( I guess, I'm too lazy to wake up in the middle of the night to change the lampin) but then converted (with full awareness) to cloth diapers until now.

With Wafa, started off with cloth diapers, very seldom used lampin and continue with cloth until now.

So, I have 2 children on cloth diapers (CD) full time...

Jeng..Jeng ....*drum roll* It show time!!.....(my very very humble stash - *blush*)

This is the small collection of CDs I got during my preparation to receive Wafa.I got prefold, pocket CDs - mostly inherited from Zulfa and bought second hand, then few fitted diapers with diaper covers.All ready in my newly-purchased diaper changing table.

bigger photo of the changing table and all the neccessary items for a newborn.

Close up of the diapers

collection of diaper covers - upper imve vimse (second hand), motherease (new),thirsties (2nd) bottom - pureen, cute tushies (2nd), bummis (new), thirsties (2nd)

Fitted diapers - MPB, snuggle hugs, kissaluv, unknown brand (2nd)

Small collection of pocket CDs and AIOs Drybess, GAD, pocket change,starbunz,jamtots

Fairuz wanted to be a part of my collection.(She missed the chance to be on fully CD...only occasional night time CD when she was still not potty trained.


Sazzy diaper (AIO) lampin kain pocket Cd (in red)

And I am still collecting for Wafa and Zulfa - the temptation is sooo irresistable.

My next challange is to potty trained ZUlfa and she can pass her CDs to Wafa and I can start to sell some of her small-not-fit-anymore stuff.

This is really fun...

Cannot imagine how I survived the "not so fun" of disposable diapers years ago :D


6 April


UmmNabil said...

boleh la usha2 yg small one utk my newborn nanti .. *wink*

nOnnie_cyg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nonnie78 said...

salam kak...

kalau ada yang nak jual nanti bitau ye. Manja dah naik next step saiz M, kalau ada yang AIO pun ok.. juai murah2 dah lah kak.....

natasha said...

salam, kak, kalo ada nak let go bagitau e? persediaan utk bulan 10 ni...nak try CD laks..hehe

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