Thursday, March 6, 2008

THE KITE RUNNER - my point of view

I first came across this title when I read my friend's blog. Knowing my friend, who has similar interest as mine, I know someday I should get the book.Day after day, I have been procastinating to get the book until I searched in, not expecting to find anything though.

TO my surprised, one chinese lady offered it for RM16. I knew it was a good bargain after I compared the price in mphonline.

So after few days, the book reached me via registered mail and that really made up my day.For the book-lover, I'm sure you'll understand the feeling get the new books...something inside you really glows with every page of the book...I hope you get what I mean.

I started reading it after I finished reading "You can be the happiest women in the world" by Dr 'Aid Al-Qarni. I have this habit of reading my books in sequence, just to make sure I read what I suppose to read :D

I knew this title become the bestseller in some countries and I am proud to find a Muslim author is in the same line with the other famous authors... and of course I love to know about the story.

The story is actually revolved around few characters with the background of Afghanistan, Amir, the narrator, Hassan, his servant cum his long-unknown illegitimate half -brother and Baba, Amir's father.Few minor plots albeit play significant impact like Rahim Khan and Ali are also worth mentioning

I don't know much about Afghanistan , honestly except America invasion, Taliban and Osama ben Laden, just to mention a few essential history-marking events.

The author beautifully described the living in Kabul back in 1960s and 70s, many years before the giant power at that time, Russia decided to invade Afghanistan. Every details of corners, greenies,mountains and hills were so real and the activities were told to signify how close they were to the heart of the author, I would say.

This story covered Amir's life journey since childhood until well into his adult life, his secrets, his guilt and how he rediscovered himself.

I can tell that the author was actually telling his own experience and hope, eventhough I'm sure that many fiction events also took place in every pages. Somehow, something that came out from the writer's heart can touch the reader's inner being.

With my near-nil experience about history let alone Afghanistan historical background, I have to accept the people life style as the author faithfully described in the book.Probably that is the bitter reality that everybody needs to discover.

Baba, described as a great man, kind and full of compassion.Helping the poor, stood up for other people rights and never gave up in life.A man with honour, one would call it. But somehow, he was also described as a non- practising Muslim, drank liqour, never pray and probably not believe in God, eventhough he still paid for the religious scholar, mullah, as they called them back in Afghanistan to teach Amir.

I know, it's not fair for me to be judgemental but I cannot help myself from wondering, why such character almost always popped up in the fiction stories particularly when it comes to Muslim community.

On the contrary, the so-called the religion authority, the one who should be the saviour of other people, for the poor and the needy, the one who should be protective and kind and understanding were potrayed as very cruel, sinners and surrounded by huge arrogance.

I'm sure people like that do exist and Afghanistan is no-exception, but why it's alway have to be like that? Isn't it the vice versa situation is also true.?

Well, who am I to question that anyway?

Was Taliban really that bad, as clearly told in the book?

I don't have the answer and I am not sure whether this book can give me the answer also.

Probably I should get the book by Yvonne Ridley. "In the hands of Taliban", her true experience being a captive to the Taliban regime.

I can sense that the author want to share with the world abouth the real Afghanistan, at least from his perspective, an Afghani who has resided in US for more than 2 decades.

Deep in my heart, I pray that the author and many more Muslims around the world, especially in the West have a pride being a practising Muslim, however odd the situation will be.

Exploring this book also make me thinking alone, are many of the Muslim expatriate from Middle East who had resided in the West really had very bad experience in their country until it's hard for them to express the good side of Muslim in the country?

I cannot judge how different or how Western they have become. That question is theirs to answer.

Overall, this book can make you think again for your past life, re-look into things that have occurred to you and how to rediscover yourself.

I would recommend you to read it....the cry of an Afghani boy who was struggling to find his true self....

And I am looking forward to read his second novel...


Anonymous said...

ummi zulfa, well written...

2uzulfa said...

TQ for reading my entry..
Actually, there's a lot to say but I think what I have said were the main things...

fadezek said...

assalamualaikum ummi zulfa.where can i find the book?in malaysia i mean.i am the books lover too

2uzulfa said...


TQ for stopping by.

You can find it in MPH or Kinokuniya.
If you want to buy online, or kinokuniya book web, or else try to find at who knows if you are lucky.

I bought mine also at ebay malaysia with half price from the market price.

Hope it helps.

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