Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I got this complementary sample from Kak Latifah , Hilyah Islamic design.

May Allah gives her strenght and prosperity in continuing and expanding her good-intention business.

I like it.

The design is simple but I think still can use a bit of flowery aka motherly embroidery on the side of the jubah.
The current sweet little embroidery at the top of the jubah is hidden by the tudung.
So I thought if it appear at the bottom or at the side , it will enhance the design.

Only one small thing....
The small tag that carry the Hilyah brand is put at the side of the jubah, quite low down and is not covered by the tudung.
It looks quite weird.
Actually, I did not realized it until my sister in law (who has very sharp eyes) noticed and mentioned that to me.
Hopefully the next batch, the placement of the brand tag will be move.

At first, I thought the material will somewhat cling to my body but surprisingly  no....eventhough I wear size M , the material won't cling to my body.

The nursing opening is just nice and it covers well too.
Kak Latifah purposely cut the length a bit longer than usual because the fabric will shrunk after washing....but after one wash, it still look OK to me.

One note from Kak Latifah... have to handwash it using cold water....(not warm)

Overall, I like it ...
Hopefully more colours will come up and minor modifications as I mentioned can be improvised.

For mothers and fathers(who want to surprise their wives) who are looking for a nursing jubah, you should try this one, the price is very affordable too.

Check it out.

Jazakillahu khairan kathiraa..Kak Latifah...


16 Disember 2009 

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