Monday, December 28, 2009


CHICAGO - MARCH 06:  Carlos Guzman prepares a ...
It's all started after I ventured on baking my very own home made breads and pizzas.
Thanks for my newly-owned ( ermm..not so new, a few months though), bread-maker machine cum baking oven.

So, naturally, cheese will come into the picture...


Eventually, I spent more and more time at the chilled-products shelves reading all the ingredients in the cheeses....even the HALAL logos were all there...

I dont trust logo as much as my knowledge and my instinct.

It was not infrequent for me to put back the cheese I adored just because I had doubt of it contents.
How I wish Malaysia can make her own thoughts just wandered one day.

"It's quite imposibble, we dont have enough cows and milk, let alone to make our own cheese", my inner voice simply countered my thoughts.

But Allah the Al-mighty just the Most Knowing.

I read one article on one local company, who made cheese from our very own resources...PALM OIL.

I did not spent a minute more to find out the details.

I was just so relieved to find out that is Muslim company and yes they carried Mozarella cheese, one of the important cheese in pizza-making.
Only God knows how happy was I at that time.
But...there was no distributor in my area...I got to know this from their website.

Obviously, I could not buy online , so I sms the owner, decided to become a distributor myself with minimal capital ( I just have my spirit to back me up) and arranged a meeting with her.

So, after spending one day in Masjid Negeri Shah Alam waiting for my husband to complete his task, we head on to Kawasan Peridustrian Bukit Raja Shah Alam, nervous and excited, at the same time.

Puan Mastura and her husband, is a great couple.
They have clear vision and mission.
To provide Muslims in Malaysia with Halal, doubt-free , high quality and nutritious cheese.

Puan Masture is not just anybody.
She hold a PhD in law and used to be a margistrate and owned her own law firm before she decided to do cheese-related business full time.
It all started when she frequently went to  European country and visited a cheese farm...

She got a shock of her life!!!...the so called Halal and non Halal cheese were manufactured in the same farm, processed with the same machine...

Being a cheese lover herself, she said..ENOUGH OF TAKING CHEESE.

But she converted this major problem into a real oppurtunity and when the timing was just right, she just grapped the chance and now own a cheese-manufacturing company, using our very own natural resources, palm oil.

I want to be part of this team.
I decided to become a distributor..
And I created a dedicated blog about it....   do check this out.

To tell the world, we, Malaysians, now can produce our own cheese...
Our cheeses also come with great quality and above all, very nutritious as it contain no cholesterol as palm oil does not contain cholesterol.

To make it more interesting, the owners are MUSLIMS..
So, any more reason NOT to support us?




For those staying in SEREMBAN AND know where to get me..


28 December 2009

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puan punyer said...

dr. brp harga cheese nih yer?

SlingMeMama said...

kak faridah, link keju halal tak bleh buka. yg mula mula tu pi website about bible.second one tuh mmg tak leh open langsung.

im interested to buy... penang ada distributor/reseller dia tak?

NURUL IZZA said...

im buying cheese from market. that ingredient wrote enzyme and i just do not know what kind of enzyme that they put into cheese.what can i do?

Ummuzulfa said...

sorry all...

I have tried it before I posted it but not sure why it was directed to other sites.

I have corrected it.

puan puya - senarai harga ada di blog itu...please spread the word ye.

shida - penang tak sure lah sape distributor, boleh tengok manufacturer website and check kat situ ye....I can tell you the cheese-filled sosej is so delicious,my anak yang tak pernah suka pun...dalam masa 30 second, semua habis.

Nurul - the problematic issue in cheese-making is rennet dia - from haiwan so sometime we dont know from which animal or sembelih halal ke tak.

mungkin kena find out the vegetarian punya or if you yakin dengan ifanca punya logo, insya allah.

Kat malaysia ni, logo selalu kena tiru that's why susah sikit nak percaya.I believe kat US tak kot.

or cari cheese yang dibuat dari turki...sebab hari tu Puan Mastura tu ada cakap dari turki punya muslim but expensive lah...

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